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Thread: Question before buying...

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    Question before buying...

    So im looking at purchasing the WiiKey2 Solderless chip but i have a few questions...
    1. How would I access the firmware on the chip via the data ribbon?
    2. Will games like SSBB and MK that require DVD-R DL work on DVD+R DL Media with no problems?

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    1 DVD disc
    2 Neither require anything like that
    BRAWL does require dual layer discs, but u can use + or - or rw

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    1. the wiikey2 solderless cant access via ribbon only the d2pro can do that. that is the difference between wiikey2 and d2pro.
    2. MK is not dual layer only ssbb is. ssbb must be burned on dvd+r dl not dvd-r dl.
    The reason you need dvd+r dl is to set the laybreak value which most chips require, except wiikey1.
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    So can i upgrade the firmware on a wiikey2 just as easy as a d2pro? what would i need to read the data off a ribbon?

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    important updates, but its not needed

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    ok cool.. and do you know what the name of the software is called to strip out the update data on backup iso's?

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    Brick blocker
    or wii update manager

    or you can use the wiikey2 to block them

    install starfall and block them etc, theres many methods xD

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    Could that fix the problem i have with the game SSBB? i have the full 7.92 ISO and it will play as a backup for about 10 minutes and then errors out. So i was curious if it was the update kicking in thats causing this.

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    wiikey1 to wiikey 2

    I'v pretty sure i'v got a wiikey 1, done all the updates and that but still get `unautherised device error message' will getting the new wiikey 2 stop all this and will I be able to use the wiifit with it, as it doesn't work at the moment?

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    some games are just like that, try force booting in gecko OS


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