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Thread: Can only play games installed direct from disc...

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    Can only play games installed direct from disc...


    I picked up a brand new "unhackable" Wii for Christmas. It came with 4.3u. I followed the steps in the 4.3u Softmod guide.

    Any game that I put the disc in and "Intalled" works perfectly.
    - 80GB USB Hard Drive, WBFS formatted

    Any game that I transfer to the drive via WBFS Manager 3.0 (run under Windows 7 x86) will NOT run. Most just go black, some display the safty screen then go black.

    I have searched and read and searched some more. I can't seem to find a solution.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thank You

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    check compatability list here for your hdd

    do sys check post it here

    wat games are not working correctly

    wat loader are you useing
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    Hard drive is compatible.
    Tried using Configurable USB Loader, USB Loader GX, and WiiFlow.
    Games that don't work... anything that I have... Wheel of Fortune, Any Donkey Kong, etc...
    SysCheck just hangs at "checking for vulnerabilities"
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    Didn't ask for piracy support. Asked for help with my Wii..

    Sorry, I used the wrong phrase. I have several discs that have been damaged by my 2yo. I have ISO backups of them. The rest of my discs are fine.
    I used my origonal Wii (now dead, thanks to said 2yo) to make the backups.
    \My issue is that I can not play the games that I restore from the ISO images, only the games that I extract from the discs.

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    I know Windows 7 has alot of compatibility issues with alot of software. I would try and use Wii Backup Manager, as that is what I use with no problems on Windows 7 64bit

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    I started out using WBFS Manager 3.0 and a WBFS formatted drive, now I'm using Wii Backup Manager (latest) and a FAT32 drive. Running on Windows 7 32 bit.

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    Okay - I'm 99% fixed. I abandoned Windows like I should have and removed it from my Macbook Pro. using the "wit" tool I converted my iso's with wbfs. Doing that, they are almost all working fine except Toy Story Mania which keeps giving a DSI exception. Even when changing options in WiiFlow for this game it will dump to DSI.

    It worked last night... I'm not sure what would have changed.

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    Nevermind All better now.

    I made a typo while converting the ISO to wbfs. I Copy-Pasted the ID from WiiTDB, but it was the wrong code... It was R5IX4Q.wbfs when it should have been R5IE4Q.wbfs
    I'm surprised that WiiFlow would have such a problem with the filename.


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