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Thread: burning issue

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    Exclamation burning issue

    Hi guys my name is mick and i am new to this.

    I recently had a new drivekey put into my wii firmware version 4.3
    the back up games given to me to try work fine, however the back ups i try to make 15 only 5 have worked, I get the error message disc cannot be read. I am using verbatim- discs with img burn at 3x burn speed on an acer laptop. so my question is could it be dvdwriter on the laptop or bad iso files(some iso files work and others dont all created the sam way).

    Many Thanks

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    You can try to burn at a faster speed. I didn't have a lot luck with Verbatim disc. I actually switched over to FujiFilm dvd-r with the ID code Ritekf1. All the games burnt at 4x on the FujiFilm worked. All of the games with reading errors on the Verbatim worked on the FujiFilm.

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    Just a suggestion! But you may want to introduce yourself first!------>Introduce Yourself
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