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Thread: Long shot....Indiana Jones Original Adventrues

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    Post Long shot....Indiana Jones Original Adventrues

    Morning Gentlemen (and ladies)

    Bit of background

    I currently have a 4.2 softmodded wii, my friend has just bought a new black wii - 4.3e.

    After seeing my wii my friend wants to softmod his wii (well, wants me to do it)

    I've looked absolutely everywhere and I can't find Indiana Jones the Original Adventures anywhere (short of £100 on ebay). I can't find it for rental anywhere (I'm starting to think it's been recalled)

    Anyway, As the title says , it's a long shot..... I was wondering if anybody is in a position to lend me the game disc for a day. I realise my status on the forum, I have 2 posts including this one, which doesn't exactly make me "trustable". I've asked on a few forums that I'm more respected/well known on (Not wii forums) but nobody on there has it.

    Ideally if anybody is local to Teesside I could just meet you, or if not we could arrange via mail.

    As I said above, nobody on here will really know me or recognise me and therefore would be reluctant to trust me (I would be the same.) I can pay a deposit through paypal or something, I can make a donation to the forum fund, I can send some sort of collateral (i.e another game then swap back when I'm done). Or if you can think of any other means of insurance (not that you need it)

    Softmodding my friends wii was supposed to be his xmas present , really people if anybody can help you would be a complete super star and I will 100% hand on heart return your game in the exact condition I recieved it in (I'm very very anal about discs being in cases.)

    Essay and grovel over, Hopefully somebody can help me out



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    what about yu-gi-oh 5D wheelie breaker? maybe easier to rent.

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks

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    Fancy putting your from teesside u'll never get trusted lol I'm from Middlesbrough too I don't have the game but will ask around for you an let u know

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    Thanks for the tip, I've also looked everywhere for the yu gi oh 5d game.

    Ive tried every store in Middlesbrough, Stockton, Redcar and Chester (was there yesterday) Still no luck.

    Also I know it was probably a bad move declaring teessideness. Thanks for asking around though D3MQN (Your not Chris are you?)

    Any help much appreciated.

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    I actually just found Indy at Target last night. They only received 1 in their last shipment. Have you tried just google-ing and seeing what comes up? Maybe Amazon has it?

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    Do you have GameStop or something similar that takes in used games where you live?

    I was able to grab my used copy from my local GameStop for $20.

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    They are hard to find. I kept looking for one for a while and then I found a local webshop that was selling the game for about 15€. Glad I bought that, 'cause when I did the search a few hours later, none was available.

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    Some HMV still have Indiana Jones in stock for 19.99. Due to their policy of not selling without the case, a couple games are still left here and there. Call all HMV near you. Go in, talk directly with the manager and they will sell it to you.

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    Hi: - Where Everything's A Steal! New CDs, DVDs, Games at Cheaper Price (Free Delivery)

    I have no idea if that will work but based on what I've read (only just found this site today) it should do...

    I haven't bought it yet because the wii is my sisters and I don't think it even has the 4.3 system update on it, if it does then I'll probably buy that as it seems the cheapest way!

    I maybe completely wrong, if I am sorry

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    just done a search try this Wii - Lego Indiana Jones |

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