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Thread: 4.3u bootmii/loadmii HELP!!!

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    Question 4.3u bootmii/loadmii HELP!!!

    Noob Here
    Need some help with my new 4.3u...
    I used this 4.3u Softmod guide with ssbb exploit.
    I installed homebrew fine.
    Im pretty sure i installed bootmii as ios not boot2 (pretty darn sure not 100%)
    Backed up bootmii or w/e to pc.
    Extracted verify sums all ok.
    Everytime i try to run anything in bootmii app manager ANYTHING i get failed to boot error.
    I tried installing wad manager same thing.

    I then tried

    ***4.3 wiis- you must use a game exploit***
    Backup and format your sd-card
    Extract to sd:\
    Load sd:\boot.elf via game expoit -Loadmii loads
    Once loadmii loads select SD
    Load Wad-Manager Mod
    Install ios58 and ios61
    Now run the hackmii installer 0.8 again, your issue should be fixed.

    But its not... I finally can load wad manager and it seems to freeze no iso 58 or 61 shows up...
    Again im stuck!! HELP PLZZZ
    THX DX
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    I have the same exact problem, it would be nice if someone could shed some light as I have no idea how to continue. Thank you!

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    These should be posted in that guide, not in a separate thread.
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    Mod pack

    If you download and use the anywii modpack and follow the instructions on the guide you will have your problem fixed. I had some of the same issues then used the anywii modpack MMM. Be sure to use the load all wads and make sure they all load without error. It worked for me

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