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Thread: wii internet/firmware update HELP!!1

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    wii internet/firmware update HELP!!1

    alright, i have tried absolutely EVERYTHING i could find with no help

    i am desperately trying to connect my wii to the internet

    my dilemma is this, at my house the only internet we have is a 3g cell phone (faster than satellite) that outputs internet through a wifi mode.

    it is an android phone and the wii will discover the signal but it will not connect
    i think the reason is because the phone uses adhoc which is fine for laptops but doesent work with the wii

    i then tried to update my wii's firmware (in hope that the firmware would support ad hoc mode) with wannikokos safe 4.3 updater but i get this error message that looks something like this

    reading 000001-000050.wad....ERROR


    Edit: WHOOPS almost forgot i downloaded wad from the nus downloader or whatever it is
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    Why on earth would you think an update (Wani's so-called-safe or not) would solve this issue?

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    um...firmware updates can sometimes add additional functionality to a router (adding support for wpa and such) so i assumed that the same was possible for the wii console

    i also have heard reports of wii and ad-hoc mode working in other situations.

    that is "why on earth" i would be willing to try.

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    Anything above 4.1 adds absolutely NO user functionality --- it's further anti-piracy measures.

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    Main difference is. When you buy a router and connect it, other than firmware downloading, there is really nothing else the router is gonna have to do with the company that makes it. There is no vulnerability to enable you to steal stuff from the manufacturer or anything like that.
    A game console with multiplayer capability has vulnerabilities ppl can use to backup their data (which originally costs them some money) or to use other pirated materials. So the manufacterer creates these updates for the sole purposes of patching those vulnerabilities.
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