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Thread: password reset--MODS please help

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    AKA (Abaaba)

    Talking password reset--MODS please help

    Hi Mods,

    i kind of forgot my password and been trying to reset it but i am not getting the email reset which is been sent to me.........can you please reset it for me?

    BTW its not in my junk email.


    my email addy is: cabuukar@hotmail.com

    on a side note, maybe you should have a look and see if everything is working as it should be on the reset password option ...............it is just a polite suggestion

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    I've found your account and it matches that user name. Be aware, often hotmail will file stuff into Trash or Spam rather than your actual in box. Did you check that?

    Edit: I have entered your email address into the lost password tool again; be sure to read this to see what I'm talking about.

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    I did check deleted and junk mail folders mate and i have been trying for couple of days to reset it..............the reset keep telling me that and email has been sent to me but i never do get them.

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    I also see Abaaba1 registered on this site; that's via a yahoo email address. Like I said, I manually entered your password again a few mins ago. It does say give it 15 minutes. Worst case, you can re-signup, I have no other immediate suggestions for you.

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