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Thread: Dear Ithian: please Read and ask before judging.

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    Angry Dear Ithian: please Read and ask before judging.

    Note that we do not endorse or support piracy here, and this is plainly what you are describing. I really don't care what you do with your Wii, but don't bring your misdeeds here again or your account can and will be removed.

    Issues have been resolved and thread is closed.
    Firstly I would like to say I am offended by you judging my motives as a human. I would suggest taking a less aggressive approach to new members as you will certainly lose the good ones. Being an admin surely it is your responsibility to greet and welcome people to the forum rather than Judge and threaten to remove accounts on your own 'Judgment'.

    Myself, well I have been a Nintendo follower since the beginning, in fact I even have a Super Mario Tattoo to show my loyalty, so being labeled a Pirate simply offends me and angers me...

    If you wanted to know about my motives it would have been nice to be asked, yeah I may have taken offense but still a nicer approach would have been nice.

    I downloaded games I have previously bought and due to my last Wii breaking (hence me getting a new Wii) and I thought it was quite unfair for Nintendo not to make it available for me to re-downloading so I re-downloaded them myself and installed them. I do not see why this is such an issue... to be honest I don't even know why I am explaining myself to you either...

    Thank you for your time and I hope you greet newer members with a bit more respect.


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    Look.... we deal with many, many users that look for us and other users here to help support their theft/piracy. When a user does not make clear on what his/her intension's are we can only assume they are mischievous or illegal as that is what we see the most. Please do not take offense to Ithian response to you. Just note that in the future you should make your intentions very clear upfront.


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