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Thread: 4.3u to 4.1u error?

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    4.3u to 4.1u error?

    So previous i had updated my wii to 4.3u by accident (june 2010), followed mauifrogs guide to softmod the 4.3u when he first had his guide uploaded. I have homebrew and boot mii, and everything, get my usb loaders to work, but i cannot access my wii homescreen.

    Possible errors? here is my info by bootmi
    Boot mi v1.3, stub v1.3, min v0.4, sysmenu 4.1u, boot1b boot 2v4, nand usage 62.5%

    MMM says- v4.1 on ios60


    Does this mean i should uninstall ios 80, i know everyone says no to so i have not touched it. there is an obvious contradiction here and this is probably why i cannot access my wii home screen. Please help and let me know if u need more info

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    Do you have bootmii as boot2 or boot ios???

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    Quote Originally Posted by toby1978 View Post
    Do you have bootmii as boot2 or boot ios???
    i have boot mii as boot 2, thats how i recall installing it. I can still access the usb loaders, homebrew and everything EXCEPT the wii home screen cuz it gives me -wii system files are corrupted error.

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    thanks i will try these uve already tried the preloader brick fix but no avail. this is probably a banner brick too but ive updated and replaced all my game ios and non system ios. i also have ios 60-64-v6174 installed. ill try the wii flow chart, maybe this has to do with that dang ios 80? any ideas on if i should remove it?


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