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Thread: Broken GC ports :(

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    Broken GC ports :(

    Hi.. i opened up my wii... and installed the wiikey2.. and now the GC controller ports are not wokring.. does anyone know how to fix it..? or where should i look to fix the problem..?

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    Did you solder or use the Wii Clip?

    If you did clip, did you install the the paper shield card with it?

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    what is paper sheild card...!??!

    oh i have the wiiclip.. for the wiikey..
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    Quote Originally Posted by tinnguyen123 View Post
    what is paper sheild card...!??!

    oh i have the wiiclip.. for the wiikey..

    The WiiClip comes bundled with a paper card. It fits around the WiiClip / drive chip to prevent modchip metal to Wii internal metal contact when putting the system back together.

    I'm not sure if this has anything to do with your GC ports not working, but who knows.

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    WoW.. i didnt even notice that.. whata do i do with it now...

    that's some important info.. no one ever showed me how to install the wiiclip and there's never any guide for it..

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    wooot its wasnt broken >.<... ok this was the problem or miss understanding..

    - my friend and I wanted to play DBZ tenkaichi.. and the game doesnt recognized the controller cuz it was put in slot 3&4 of the GC slots..

    - i try it on the Pokemon Puzzle, the Homebrew game, doesnt work either cuz it was in that slots.. i was so worry i didnt even test out the others slots.

    i opened the Wii up(cuz of installing the Paper thing).. and i notice the controller was in slot 3&4

    - later i try it it work cuz i put it back to slot 1 >.<

    DAM ME!! so many missed issued (i got problem with the games too and i thought the wiiclip doesnt work)

    Thank you e3NiNe, you made me realized the papers was important, It helps protect the wii from short circuiting ..


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