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Thread: Reinstalling homebrew

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    Reinstalling homebrew

    Hi, at Christmas we got a couple of retail games that didn't play on our wii but played on my mum's friends so she blamed the wii for being softmodded, so i followed a guide on how to remove everything. The games still don't play on it and it fails when i try to update, it's 3.2E. Anyway she's not fussed about the games anymore and wants homebrew reinstalling, my question is how would I go about reinstalling it? would I need to use the zelda disc again?

    Any help would be appreciated on either issue. Thanks very much

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    You can use the 3.0-4.1Bannerbomb v1 form the link below.Read everything Carefully then Proceed.
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    After that, update your IOS's with the guide in my sig. The reason you couldn't play new games is because you had missing/outdated IOS's. That is what all games and channels run off of, which is why games aren't System Menu dependent.
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