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Thread: Pulsing blue light...

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    Pulsing blue light...

    Ok, not sure if this is a TOTAL newb question but why does the blue light pulse (not blink) many times when the Wii is off? Have never been able to find the answer.

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    its ok, cool question actually. if you have wii connect 24 on, then it pulses blue when you switch the wii off. the setting can be changed from pulse, dim pulse and off. or you could turn off wii connect 24. these changes can be made in the wii options menu in, i think, the bottom right

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    I was afraid it was an ultranoob question. Thanks for the answer. Always wondered about it but never dug into it to figure it out.

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    call me crazy, but I think it pulses blue when you get a new message in your inbox.

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    but it stays pulsing when u got a message until u read it & it will always pulse when u eject

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