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Thread: how do I load & display cover art-searched posts but no luck ??

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    how do I load & display cover art-searched posts but no luck ??

    How can I get cover art to show up on wii 4.2u? Did not know this was possible 'til seeing someone scrolled thru covers & loaded game just by clicking it (showed front and back of cover)...would like to learn how to do this.

    I am using wbfs manager 3.0 (also load games via HDD w/ wii backup launcher--have also tried the GX loader but after clicking on it, it returns to main menu)
    to load games but no covers included. As read on forum, I found the WBFS cover art folder but all are 0 bytes. Transfered games to new hdd but now when I "mouse" over a games tile no cover appears...only game title underlined shows in WBFS manager (reason could be having recently switched to from XP to Windows 7?)
    Anyway could someone help me with where to find covers and load them via usb HDD?
    OOPS...almost forgot to mention using Neogamma r6, ISO249 r14. And partioned drive to leave a little space (NTSC) for covers if needed.


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    All covers are downloaded through the loader you are using. Dig through the settings and you will find the option.

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    You'll have to switch to a real USB loader. I don't believe NeoGamma supports cover loading. Also NTSC is a television signal not a file system. You probably mean FAT16 or FAT32.
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