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Thread: Wii updated and softmods no longer work

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    Wii updated and softmods no longer work

    I soft modded my friends wii about a year ago. It's already got a hard mod chip but he wanted to use a usb hdd. With it being so long ago i can't remember what version update he had at the time, 4.1 or 4.2 something but over xmas he allowed the wii to update and is now on 4.3e but the soft mods no longer work and can't play any disks at all.

    Is there a way to reverse the update/roll back to the previous version for the mods to work again?

    If not what do i need to do to make it work again?

    He was using neogamma r8 b7 and usb loader gx r850

    he deleted the the wads and mods off the sd card and replaced them thinking it would work, but alas it didn't.

    If you need anymore info let me know. Not really sure how to find it all though now

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    folow this guide mate its the only way to get it back up and running

    ^^^^^^^^pimpness from the mighty bmarlo ^^^^^^^^

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    Ok thankyou for your speedy reply. Another quick question. Should i go through all the steps and do it all again? We did make a backup of the nand the first time but he's not sure he has the backup file now, will this be a problem? Or is it ok to just backup the modded one?

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    have you got the nand back up and bootmii installed as boot 2?

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    I'm pretty sure we did it as boot 2 yeah, was a while ago though. Is there a way to find out? I havn't done anything to it yet but i was just about to install bootmii and homebrew again as the homebrew channel that was on there stopped working after the update

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    turn on your wii and if your disc light flashes twice then you got boot 2

    ^^^^^^^^pimpness from the mighty bmarlo ^^^^^^^^

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    Only one flash so i guess it's not boot 2. My friend has just had a look and has found the original backup of the nand, boot and key files. Are they of any use?

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    not if you aint got boot 2 mate you need to resoftmod

    ^^^^^^^^pimpness from the mighty bmarlo ^^^^^^^^

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    Ok cheers, in that case i'm kinda stuck for now. Homebrew doesn't work so can't use option one, no boot 2 so can't use option 4, and don't have any of the games listed to install homebrew. Will have to wait for now thanks for all your help though


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