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Thread: Daughter updated wii arghhhh

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    Daughter updated wii arghhhh

    Hi all,
    Please help
    I have a softmodded wii think was on 4.1u poss??
    Today my daughter and her friend with a sing it store version game updated the wii so that they could play it...
    result.... none of the USB HDD games will work as when you go into Neogamma you are greeted with a black screen.

    thought i could reinstall the cios from the HBC but it kills the wiimotes when you need to press a to continue!!

    So in short im clueless with a 4.2E updated wii and have no idea how to sort it out,...

    think i need some basic training also as i fumbled my way through a dodgy you tube tutorial to mod in the first place.... have read i should have priloader etc.... which i dont... and as for bootmii or boot2..... confused!!

    please help


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    you just need to resoftmod it mate follow the softmod any wii guide or shadowsonics 4.2 guide and you will golden. and never follow you tube videos

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    You need t softnod the Wii again using the 3.0-4.2 softnod guide(link below)


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