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Thread: Backup Games to discs

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    Backup Games to discs

    I am interested in purchasing the following DVD drive but I don't know if it will do the job:
    LG GDR-8164B Beige 16X IDE DVD Rom Drive Internal - Wii on eBay (end time 07-Jan-11 16:54:19 GMT)

    Will it work?


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    IDK, but this one is listed as working:

    HP HITACHI LG GDR-8164B GDR-8164 GDR8164B DVD-ROM Wii - eBay (item 320638422552 end time Jan-10-11 18:56:19 PST)

    Note: I'm not sure if the newbie section is necessarily the most appropriate section for this (there's a buy/sell/trade section).

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    Both should work. Here's the 5 confirmed working LG drives:

    Hitachi LG GDR-8161b (IDE)
    Hitachi LG GDR-8162b (IDE)
    Hitachi LG GDR-8163b (IDE)
    Hitachi LG GDR-8164b (IDE)
    Hitachi LG GDR-H10NBLK (SATA)
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