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Thread: usb loader gx problems :(

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    usb loader gx problems :(

    i was trying to update my neo gamma R8, to a later versoin which is neo gamma R9, i downloaded a bunch of wads and the r9 versoin, so i installed the wads. went back to the wii system menu my neo gamma is still R8 and my usb loader as well as prii loader has been deleted , so i downloaded a new usb loader from here: usb_loader_GX_07192010.rar , and i cn acces my hdd with this usb loader through the home brew channel but cannot add games to my hdd. i would also like a list of wads i need to have installed to get this working and how i can add this channel to my wii system menu, plz

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    fixed usb loader gx prob

    i have installed usb loader gx to my system menu , but it still won't let me install games on to my hdd


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