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Thread: Wiiflow freezing while installing games

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    Wiiflow freezing while installing games

    First off I would like to thank everyone that makes this site possible. I have completed a softmod on my 4.3u! At almost 40yrs old, you guys make it easy for even me to understand! I have downgraded my system to 4.1, installed homebrew, wiimc, and wiiflow. The trouble I am having is that when I go to install a game, wiiflow freezes very early in the install. I had another program, I think it was usbcontroller?? and it would load games but I didn't like the way it was set up. I couldn't download covers from it like wiflow offers. If I may, I would like to ask how to put wiiflow in the menu screen like homebrew is. I have tried several things but can't seem to get it right. Thanks in advance for any replies I may receive. WiiHACKS ROCKS!!!

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    Found my issue. I had to format my external hard drive 1/2 FAT32 and the other 1/2 WBFS. Now my games are saving to the hard drive. Hope this helps someone else.


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