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Thread: Multiple Wii Balance Boards Synced at once

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    Lightbulb Multiple Wii Balance Boards Synced at once

    Howdy all,

    So I am new here and both my fiance and I own wii consoles as well as wii balance boards and i also own shaun white snowboarding which is a really fun game but it sucks just watching the other person when it has multiplayer but for some reason it only supports one balance board.

    So my questions are:

    Why won't it let multiple sync?

    Is there a way to trick it into letting two sync and making the wii think the second board is really just a controller?

    If not then I have seen people use the wii balance board as a pc joystick. Would it be possible to use that software and sync two balance boards and play the PC version of shaun white snowboarding with two balance boards? OR is there going to be a problem with either the software to sync two balance boards or with the game allowing both of them to be used?

    Thanks All!
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    Not sure about syncing two balance boards on the PC, but since the Wii Balance Board is hard coded to enter into remote slot 4 automatically, there is not a way at this time to run two. One of you can use a balance board and the other should be able to play using a controller and nunchuck.

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    Smile There is a way!

    Thanks for the reply Breach, but that is exactly what I am trying not to do! It's just not the same with the controller when you have done it on the balance board.

    I think I found a way to do it though.

    If you have two wii consoles, two wii balance boards and two shaun white games then via "network connect" and entering each other's friend codes I am told it is indeed possible to stand side by side and play multiplayer together. Of course this requires two TVs (what guy wouldn't want to do that lol) and a local wireless internet connection.

    I am still interested in wether or not it would be possible to sync two wii balance boards on the pc or mac and play the pc or mac version of shaun white in multiplayer with two balance boards?

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