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Thread: Please help, saying if it will help it!!

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    Exclamation Please help, saying if it will help it!!

    Hello Wiihacks people!! I'm new here, so sorry for something.

    Anyways, I have Wii, A Semi-bricked Wii, that was semi-bricked by a PAL WiiChess, and then, I can't acess my Wii Settings or the Internet. My Wii is a NTSC-U one. So, I did the Super Smash Bros. Brawl update (The USA One) and nothing happened. A Friend said that another NTSC-U update, so I waited. Today, I discovered that Wii Music have an update. So I was going to buy it, but, the guy at the store said that The Wii Music update would brick my SSBB, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games and another games. So I google "Semi-brick Remover" and I downloaded a CD Image to Remove my semibrick, but I don't if I can trust. What Should I do?? I Don't wanna lose my Wii, or brick my games >.<...

    PS: My Modchip is Wiikey

    Thanks for your time. Waiting a answer...
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    You can run Animal Crossing. That has the 3.4U update on it.

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    But it won't brick any game of mine, like the guy at the shop said, right??

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    -.- it cant, just install 3.4 from AC, or another game, then downgrade with canada's post


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