Hello All. I have been trying to get my wii 4.3U to load games from my Fat 32 WD Passport Essential SE HDD. However each and every single game loads a black screen on CFG Loader V60. I have tried to use V60-222 but all it ever says is 222-mload v4... and then nothing ever happens. So as of now I am using V60 loading with 249. Games wont load with 222 or 223mload. All it ever does is say 222m-load v4... and then never does anything else. I have tried using ios 250 with the games and it loads a black screen and my wiimote shuts off. Only way for it to do anything after that is to do a manual shutdown. I Would appreciate any help and insight anyone may have. Thank You . BTW, I Posted a system check but as far as I can tell nothing is wrong, but I'm not the expert :P.

System Check