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Thread: Darkcorp 1.1 installation problem

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    Darkcorp 1.1 installation problem

    Hi I followed the full 4.3 softmod guide and I have come to a weird stop. The darkcorp 1.1 mod keeps freezing choosing the regular installation mode at 5% - 7%. I restarted the wii and tried the virgin method and it just restarts after a few seconds. Should I install darkcorp v. 1 then upgrade to 1.1 from there?

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    best advice? forget darkcorp, you dont need it, its more hassle than its worth.

    WHY do you think you need it? What is wrong with using a loader like 99% of everyone else?

    Also, how old is your wii?

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    i guess so, i just had problems having the disk working with the neogamer so i wanted to go with darkcorp. could it be a problem with the disk itself? im worried that my system is partially bricked or wrecked because i tried to install darkcorp too many times and ends up freezing. should i revert my wii back to the the settings with a backup from priiloader?

    oh and my wii is like 2 years old got it december 2008.


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