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Thread: Wii Backup Fusion v1.0 (Stable)

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    Wii Backup Fusion v1.0 (Stable)

    dynup has released the fisrt stable version of Wii Backup Fusion. WiiChipUnlock merger is the latest graphic ISO and WBFS manager that Wiimms class on ISO and WBFS-based tools and backup features to unite all important. As Wiimms tool is Windows, Linux and Mac OS X available for.

    Wii Backup Fusion is a new graphical ISO and WBFS manager that is based on ISO and Wiimms WBFS tools and combines all the backup features. Available for Linux, Windows and Mac OSX.

    - List games from images, WBFS partitions and DVD with all game infos
    - Transfer game images to WBFS partition or file
    - Transfer game from DVD to WBFS or image
    - Extract game contents from WBFS or images
    - Convert between game image formats
    - Diff images after transfer
    - Split game images while transfer or convert
    - Compare Files and WBFS game lists
    - Additional info tab for a compact overview and game cover*
    - Load 3D and HQ game covers in different languages*
    - Titles and Covers* in different languages
    - Cover viewer for full HQ game covers* with save possibility
    - Update title databases in all available languages*
    - Check and repair WBFS files and partitions
    - Create and format WBFS partitions and files
    - Supports scrubbing (data, update and channel partitions)
    - Supports GameCube images (experimental!)
    - Supported formats: ISO, CISO, WIA, WDF, WBFS files, WBFS partitions
    - Supports aqua or brushed metal style on Mac OS X

    Download/Source- HERE



    - Norwegian translation
    - French translation
    - German translation
    - WBFS dump for analysis
    - Scalable HQ full cover
    - Support for log file
    - Load game images improved
    - Support for image splitting
    - Diff for images after transfer
    - Support for scrubbing modes
    - Search functionality for log
    - Recurse depth for Files / Load
    - Show progress while downloading game cover
    - Support for more databases cover download
    - Game cover loading routines improved


    Windows 7

    Mac OS X

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    How do u add cISOs in this cause that's mainly all I have?? lol

    EDIT: When I check the LOG Tab it says Wiimms WBFS Tool NOT FOUND... lol
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    I tried it, and it looks very good, also cover function, great! I am going to use this one now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmx_grover View Post
    I tried it, and it looks very good, also cover function, great! I am going to use this one now.
    How'd u get it 2 work?? lol

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    Sweet finally something for the mac

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    How Do I get Wii Backup Fusion 2 recognize the wit and wwt folders?? lol

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    YAY finally ciso support for Linux. This tool rocks!

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