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Thread: No lights on modchip after install! help

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    No lights on modchip after install! help

    I bought a d2pro yesterday
    went to install it this morning and everything seemed fine, the wiiclip is seated correctly but when i turn the wii on the mod chip's lights dont flash or do anything? dead mod chip? bad install? i checked the connections and everything seemed fine

    Anyone have any ideas?
    i don't want to take the wiiclip off an put it back on to many times due to have fragile it is


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    does it play genuine games or backup games

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    haven't tried yet, i was told that after a correct install the lights would flash, it seems as though the chip dosen't have any power

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    the lights flash when you install game disc as well, if no flash then you have a problem if you are sure you have a genuine clip and you installed it corectly it must be the chip so you will have to take it off anyway, just check the pins on the clip with magnifier glass and see if any are bent or damaged as this can affect the chip although even if you have bent pins you normally get some lights flash.

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    well i picked my chip up directly from al at canadamods so i know it's a genuine chip, all of the pins look like they are in good shape nothing seems bent or out of place...
    i sent a pm to al, maybe he'll know what's going on

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    ok mate hope it all goes well sorry i could not help

    just a thought you have conected all the plugs properly and check if it plays normal games then you know it is the chip.

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    ok i pluged the unit in and the drive takes an original game but it only sucks it in 3/4 of the way then it gets stuck, if i pull on the game slightly it ejects the game but continues to keep pushing the game out even when it's completly out
    I took out the mod chip and everything is back to normal

    am i shorting somewhere?

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    did you put sticker on back of chip and use card on front of clip

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    it didn't come with a sticker or i lost it so i covered the back with scotch tape and i didn't bother with the card because i havent closed the wii

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    and thanks alot for helping me out

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