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Thread: Certain games not able to use neogamma but can if have got rev20 installed in slot250

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    Certain games not able to use neogamma but can if have got rev20 installed in slot250

    I have been reading everywhere trying to solve this mystery and still cant fanthom it out.

    Certain games dont play using neogamma with discs but read somewhere that would if you have rev20 installed as 250.

    I have looked everywhere with no such luck on how to do this the easy way.

    Im on rev17 and like it as most work but if i was to install this rev20 to 250 would i lose the rev17

    If someone could shred some light on this would be grateful as i like neogamma to use and if can get games to work with neogamma would be overmoon.

    The games are guitar hero6,cod bo yes iknow theres guides but cant find an idiots guide on how to do.

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    NeoGamma will only use 249...There is no way to switch it to 250. 250 is irrelevant when it comes to NeoGamma. If a game requires a certain rev or base it will have to done to 249.
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    oi, that would be in the troubleshooting or something of those guides, please go there and open all spoilers, you will have to go to the cIOS as wads thread anyways, link in my sig, same there open everything, get to know how to install a .wad file to your wii. get the wad, install with wadmanager or MMM for example.
    which 249 . wad you go for you have to test out/read which should work best.
    your neogamma will only use that 249 slot, to have alternatives you can get uloader alongside to try to load your games via hermes cios 222-224.
    some is covered in the FAQ of the basics link below as well.
    just read, get the file, and start, not that hard. good luck

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