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Thread: Donkey Kong Country Returns Channel/Wad #002 Error

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    Donkey Kong Country Returns Channel/Wad #002 Error

    Okay, I hope I don't get pounced on for posting this, but I have tried and looked everywhere and can't figure this one out. So here goes:

    I am on the 4.2u menu, have both USB Loader GX, and now using WiiFlow which I like better. I have Donkey Kong Country Returns installed on my external drive and can play it just fine through both usb loaders. I recently used crap v2.1b to create a channel on the main menu. When I select the game from the main menu and press start, it throws up a blue screen with error #002. I know there's a setting in the loader with the #002 fix, and have tried all three settings (on, off, default) but keep getting the blue screen.

    Could there be a bug in the channel I created?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Perhaps but since this relates to DKCR, why not read and follow the guide in case you missed something.


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