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Thread: updated softmod, need a little help...

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    updated softmod, need a little help...

    first off happy new year everyone,

    i soft mod'ed my wii some time ago with the zelda hack and ran my back up games from disks, then after a while i updated that and started to play my games from an external hard drive useing the usb loader (gx i think) channel and wfbs manager to add the games to the h/drive.
    i have today updated my wii with the modmii utilitie (which was awesome) i'm now running 4.3e firmware. now i have 1 hard drive with about 75 games on it and it is full so i bought another hard drive which is a lot bigger allowing me to add all my other games to it.
    the problem is, i want to use the wiiflow app as i believe it will allow me to run more upto date games (just dance 2 springs to mind) but how do i transfer all my games from my original hard drive which is in wfbs format to my new hard drive which i want to use fat32 format? can this be done?? or will i need to keep the second hard drive in wfbs fromat?

    i hope i got that across ok,


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    Use WBFS manager to extract your games to your pc. They will extract to iso format an so can be placed on your fat partition as they are, although they will be alot larger in size.

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    do what Pob3008 said, then you can convert the games to .wbfs from .iso so they're smaller
    use wii backup manager (or something similar that converts them)
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    first off thanks for the replys ,
    so as i see it the games i currently have on my original HD are in wbfs format because i used wbfs manager to put them on there from the iso's that i have.
    is there not a way to drag them from the original HD to the new HD and keep them in the same format? or do i have to change them to change them back again? it just seems a long way of doing it that way



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