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Thread: Stuck On Games

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    Stuck On Games

    Well I Installed My Wode The Other Day And I Can't Play My Super Mario Galaxy.
    Its In A WBFS File But It Reads And Normaly It Gets 2 reads For 8kb Or 9 Reads For 45kb. I Can't Play It And Its Really Annoying Now Please Can Someone Help I Am Using:

    Wode Firmware 2.1A ( Does The A Stand For Asia)

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    Relocated to the WODE forum. Please Introduce Yourself.
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    Wode Firmware 2.1A ( Does The A Stand For Asia) No it is a old firmware update that indicated the NTFS ripping status. There are a number of newer firmwares at the official WODEJUKEBOX site.

    Does your original game play correctly? If yes then you have a bad rip.

    If no then your game is messed and nothing will sort that out.

    If you do not have the original game. And you downloaded the game well that is illegal and your problem we do not condone the illegal download of software on this forum. Buy the game rip the game play the game.
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