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Thread: Random System Files are corrupted after exiting a game

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    Ca Random System Files are corrupted after exiting a game

    Lately I've been getting random "System Files are Corrupted" message after exiting a game from. I would say that I get this message maybe 1 out of 10 times exiting games. I didn't get this message upon startup of the Wii yet. I'm on SM 4.2U and I tried to re-install my SM and IOS70 and it didn't solve my problem. I've been reading around on this forum and I read that a Wii format might fix my problem but is this my only solution as this would erase all my channels and save games.

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    Just seeking confirmation, but you're saying you've already tried this guide, exactly as stated?

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    Thanks for the input, I actually re-installed all my IOS and SM using modmii instead of DOP-Mii as I'm not too familiar with DOP-Mii. I didn't downgrade to 4.1u as stated in the guide that you are directing me. I could try that method to see if it would fix my problem. Could it be from a corrupted save game file ? I just think it's weird since I didn't install anything lately that would cause a brick and also the fact that everything works fine other than me having to power off and on the Wii when I get this message.


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