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Thread: Cleanrip?

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    I have Wiikey Fusion with 1.4 firmware, and i read that it can boot homebrews (Direct boot of homebrew in GC mode), my pc cant read wii games, so i thought that i could look for homebrew, that could save to usb hdd/SD. Then i read about this homebrew, Cleanrip. So, do i have to install homebrew channel for this, or is there other ways to run it?

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    CleanRip requires Homebrew Channel 1.0.8 and IOS58 v6176 to run.

    If you are not interested in the whole softmod process, then installing the homebrew channel. If your Wii is not on 4.3 then you will need to use the IOS58 installer to install the required IOS58. Then you will need to reinstall the Homebrew Channel so it is using IOS58 to run.
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    Well. My wii is FW 4.3E. and yes I am not interested about doing whole softmod. If i "start" softmod, and stop it after installing homebrew channel, what would happen? or do you know, is there other, easier ripping homebrew?


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