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Thread: Personal hard drive space disappears when copying with WBFS Manager

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    Personal hard drive space disappears when copying with WBFS Manager

    Hi, when I am using WBFS Manager in Windows XP I have added only 18 isos so far by hi-lighting the file(s) I want and then pressing "Copy To This Drive" (I'm currently transferring from a full 1TB HD to a recently acquired 2 TB Seagate that I successfully formated as wbfs)

    My personal laptop only has an 80 gig hard drive. Before I began copy files from HD to HD with wbfs manager I had 37 Gig of space remaining on my personal laptop hard drive. After copying the aboved mentioned 18 isos from Hard drive to Hard drive, I now only have 14 gig of remaining space available on my personal hard drive for my laptop.

    I thought HD to HD copy won't add anything to your computer, and after a restart the available HD Space on my personal laptop is still 14 gig.

    I obviously don't want to continue copying in fear of my HD Space getting all gobbled up. I can't find what/where might be using up this space while performing the copy to copy feature in wbfs manager. Suggestions? Additional info required from myself?

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    Are you sure you've copied to the correct HD?

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    100 percent positive I have been transferring to the proper external Hard Drive. If my personal computer's hard drive was in a wbfs format it would not be accessible to run my os on.

    Can anyone else confirm this with their personal computer? Take note of the HD space on your pc and then copy a file or 2 from external hd to hd and then tell me after words if your personal hard drive space has disappeared.

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    Hmm, really odd no one has replied to this yet.. ..

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    Have you checked to see if the files are sticking in your Temp folder and manually deleting them if they are?
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