I've been using Wiiflow from months no problems so far.
Today I got a TV LCD HD (previously I was playing with a regular TV) and changed the Wii settings to go with this screen.
Quickly I noticed my DKCR game didn't load, it got infinite loading loop (Please wait screen) not sure why so I assumed it was I didn't restart Wii after changing settings. So I restarted and the problem was solved once, but when I turned off the Wii, then on again, the same problem happened, but now the Wiiflow restarted once, didn't load, it returned to Wii channels screen right after the Wiiflow logo showed.
In the middle of this, I changed the video wires for the 480p ones and then played the game perfectly, but now after playing some other games, the same problem occur, but now the Wiiflow won't start, it restarts every time I try to get in.

So basically my problems started after changing video screen settings to fit with the LCD TV. Is a Wiiflow compability issue? Should I erase the Wiiflow folder in my HDD, and then copy all again?

Thanks in advance for your help.