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Thread: PS3 now Pwned For Life as Geohot Posts metldr Keys!

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    PS3 now Pwned For Life as Geohot Posts metldr Keys!

    geohot, the same hacker behind blackra1n and limera1n on the iPhone/iPad platform has been working on the PS3 Scene for a while now. Today, he posted on his website, the Metldr keys of the PS3. Being able to decrypt the PS3's loader means being able to decrypt everything else on the PS3. It's impossible for Sony to update these keys. In other words, Sony's PlayStation 3 is pretty much PWNed for life.

    Keys shouldn't be posted publicly, Check geohot's site :)

    props to fail0verflow for the asymmetric half
    no donate link, just use this info wisely
    i do not condone piracy

    if you want your next console to be secure, get in touch with me. any of you 3.
    it'd be fun to be on the other side.
    Source: ShareHacks Community

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    wonder when we will get game loaders like Cfg/Wiiflow for the PS3???

    i cant wait.....


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