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Thread: Questions about NGC games on wii

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    Questions about NGC games on wii

    Hello everyone,I'd like to ask you guys if its possible to play Pal NGC games on a NTSC wii.And there's another question:I've downloaded Baten Kaitos 1 a lot of times(different isos)and all of them have the same problem:everytime i try to save the save data gets corrupted.All the other games worked fine...Can someone help me?Thx in advance(I'm still learning English so this post may have a lot of mistakes =/)
    I edited cuz i forgot to mention that i have a modded wii with 2dC mod chip(or something like that)

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    if u have a chip yes, if not no

    as for the game, i dont play GC games, so i dont know, sorry =\

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    but will they be in Black and white?i downloaded some Pall wii games and they were fine?the GC games arent different arent they?thx admironal victorinox,that was really fast =)

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    thats a TV problem, not every tv can handel the Pal freq, not really, but i dont use them since no one seeds, and i dont really care xD, wait for someone else and you might get lucky on that note :3

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    thx admiral you really helped me out =D
    Anyone knows how to make baten kaitos work??i really wanna play this game...


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