Hi, i just received NHL slap shot for Christmas and i played it for the first time today. I put the CD into the wii and when the wii main menu popped up it said i had to complete a wii system update where the disc is usually shown to start the game. So i thought about it for a moment and decided to come onto wii hacks to see if i could find something that could fix this without actually updating my wii in fear that i would brick it. I looked for about an hour and didn't come across anything that was really answering my question. I then went and checked to see if there was anything in the home brew channel that could help me with this issue. At first i had to update my home brew channel from 1.6 to 1.8. So i did that first before continuing to see if i could find the answer to this problem. When my home brew was installed i remembered that neogamma plays burnt DVD games. So i decided even though my wii game was a retail game it might still work in neogamma so i launched the game and to my surprise it worked. I know you might think this is stupid because i solved my own problem but my real question is, is it safe to be playing retail games in neogamma to bypass the system update and should i continue doing this with any new retail games i buy? Or would it be safer to update my wii in the correct manner so that i don't brick it. If it is safer to update my wii how do i go about doing that? At the moment i am running a 4.2 system and i used the full hacking guide for 4.2 on this website to soft mod my wii about a year ago.

Hope to hear an answer from somebody, and if i posted this thread in the wrong area of the site could somebody please guide me in the right direction to get some answers.