OpenIdea ISO Loader for PSP Go by dridri. You don't need to convert your ISOs into Eboots anymore with this version.

OpenIdea ISO Loader v0.2beta (For PSP Go) Installation Instructions:

1. Copy your ISO/CSO games in ef0:/ISO/
2. Extract content of this archive in ef0:/PSP/SYSTEM/OIP/
3. add "ef0:/PSP/SYSTEM/OIP/isoctrl.prx 1" to ef0:/SEPLUGINS/vsh.txt
4. disable CXMB and Game Categories (will support them in next release)
5. reset VSH by TN VSH Menu

Enjoy !

Driver Select :

* When starting a game, keep 'L' pressed, and select which driver you want to use, otherwise M33 is better and then used automatically

Source- QJ