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Thread: Should we try to re-softmod or virginize Wii?

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    Should we try to re-softmod or virginize Wii?

    Hi, We really appreciate the community and your thoughts. I hope our post can be of help to someone else too.

    We have a day one wii with a Wiikey v1, firmware 1.9s. When we wanted to update the original firmware we successfully followed the guide from Dogeggs and got the firmware to 4.1u, with Bootmii as boot2, Homebrew, and Neogamma 8. My kids wanted Call of Duty:Black Ops and then we had a dilemma. We had never used any of the softmodding that was installed. After reading in the forums, it seemed that COD was somewhat problematic whereas if we removed the softmodding we'd be able to do a N update to 4.3u and that would be compatible with the Wiikey. There was a guide we followed that I no longer see here in the forums(it must have been removed), we got error messages using Anytitle deleter that I couldn't find a good answer to in other posts. So we decided (perhaps mistakenly) to run the N update from the original COD disc. It updated to 4.3u and didn't brick. Bootmii is gone, Homebrew is gone, Neogamma appears to still be there but I'm hesitant to try to run it. Old backups that ran with the Wiikey still run. Older original disc N games still run too. But the new COD disc still wants to run the firmware update, which we haven't done again. We made a Nand backup at each stage.

    So the question is what should we do? We'd like to run the COD game. We don't care if the wii is softmodded or not, but we'd like the wiikey to continue working. Should we try to re-softmod using the guide from mauifrog? Should we run the N firmware update again from the COD disc? Is there another guide to use to try virginizing the wii again? We'd like to minimize our time investment both now and going forward with future firmware updates, so I suspect we'd like to revirginize the wii if that would work.

    Thank you for your help. -Dad_and_kids

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    hi dad and kids,
    i have my wiikey as well still sitting in my wii, but did the softmod and was overwhelmed by the possibilities, like loading the backups from my usb harddrive.
    anyways, revirginizing is not the way to go. you should just use maui's softmod guide and crack that 4.3 again to have a working set of cIOS the hbc and some loader to start with/as well as your neogamma which should work again after using the softmod guide.
    you should consider doing the downgrade to 4.1 during the process to restore region free for your chip/could be that out of region games do not work at the moment.
    after the mod everything should be back to normal, working chip, working loader, working originals (for that you may want to install the update pack from the guide as well (you said the game is still asking for it, so just make sure every IOS is in place)) --> go for usb hdd loading, check out the FAT32 loading guide linked below
    good luck

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