Newo Shooter is a rail shooter in a third-person and first-person 3D perspective. The player must navigate his spacecraft, through environments while various enemies (spaceships, robots, creatures, etc.) attack him. Enemies drop various power-ups (free lives, 50% health, weapon upgrades, shields) to help the player. The player receives a score on each level based on how many enemies destroyed. At the end of each level there is a boss that the player must defeat before progressing to the next level.

Known issues

* When moving left or right the view remains locked until the player releases the controller buttons
* No Story, Menu or GUI
* The stage is a infinite loop

Version 1.0 - DEC 2010

* 1 infinite level
* 4 weapons
* No Sounds or Music
* orange enemies
* Powerups
* Buildings and Asteroids
* Initial release

Download/Source- Here