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Thread: Can I use EmpireofCanada's Sticky Downgrade Guide?

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    Can I use EmpireofCanada's Sticky Downgrade Guide?

    I was reading around and I don't understand (the guides are crystal clear) but I have version 3.3U is this the same thing as 3.3? Can I use his instructions to downgrade to 3.2?

    Thx alot

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    If u can read u can use it

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    I have successfully downgraded but I just read the sticky that you need a modchip to play backups. I know how its outdated , but with backup loader by wiigator is it possible to play without a chip? I mean isnt that the point? lol

    1) DO I seriously need a modchip to play backed up games? (I already have twilight hack and homebrew installed on 3.2U)
    1) Do you need to patch every ISO under backup loader gamma (0.3)?
    2) also can I use any DVD Burner?

    Thx so much guys

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    yes you can with the loader, but its buggy, and doesnt work right

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    first 1, not second 1. You don't HAVE to have a modchip to play backups. You can use the backup loader, but know there are issues with it. Games can take up to 4 minutes to load. Random freezes occur. Titles might not even work.

    Also, Nintendo's firmware updates could nuke the method in the future.

    Modchips are the most stable and consistent way to play backups.

    2. You can use ImgBurn (freeware, similar to CloneCD) to burn the .ISO file. Record at a low speed (2X) using a high quality DVD-R, such as Verbatim.

    Also, you can't use just any DVD drive to extract Wii discs though.

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    4 mins to load.... i wouldnt wait that long =\

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    Thx guys for the replies, but one last thing.

    What options to I have to setup with IMGBurn?(like for old xbox you had to change booktype and crap in the options menu)

    Also since i dont have the money for verbatim, do you recommend sony dvd-r?

    Thanks a bunch

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    any brand is fine, people say its the best, but they also say owning a chip is wrong, and obama is allready making a difference...

    as for imgburn, i didnt, and i never had a issue, just set it to 2.4 and enjoy


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