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Thread: How can I keep my wii up-to-date?

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    How can I keep my wii up-to-date?

    My uncle says his softmodded (4.1U) is having problems running new retail games. He gave me the wii to fix it for him but he didn't include the games that wouldn't load and I can't get a hold of him.

    With the little information I have I'm just assuming his wii isn't up to date with cios and whatever else needs to be updated. Can someone point me in right direction as to how to update it so it can run new games?

    Also if his problem seems to be very game specific can you point me to a list of fixes for new games?


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    For backups, use this guide. For originals, use this guide. Krank's got a Problematic Games thread, but since you weren't told which ones have issues, I can't really tell ya if that'll help or not.

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