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Thread: WBFS or NTFS or FAT32

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    WBFS or NTFS or FAT32

    I have been using wbfs for a long time, till today I decided to change it into fat or ntfs.

    What do you guys reccomend me?

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    FAT32 thats wat i use i can have my backups and other things on the hdd together

    there is a guide in my sig usb loading FAT32
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    Hey thanks for your reply, i'm gonna check out that link.

    So what about NTFS? Isn't ntfs better. I'm planning to take NTFS because of the whole filesplitting thing fat32 brings with it
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    My understanding is that, while NTFS is supposedly the fastest, there have been a lot of compatibility issues with it. I think the homebrew is just starting to catch up, but not sure it's quite there yet. Pondering the same issue as you actually...


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