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Thread: No playing backups after guitar hero update...

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    No playing backups after guitar hero update...

    Hey every one I have a problem I bought the new guitar hero game, I put the disc into my wii and then it asked to update the system, I did it otherwise I couldn't play the game... Now I can't use uLoader to play my backup games... does anyone know how i can use uLoader again?

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    Any Updates Via Nintendo and Updates from a Disk is going to kill all Homebrew. I will leave this to someone that can help you on this one since I do not know what I can do to help you from there since you failed to read the FAQ's since the mods tell everyone that does Homebrew to read and analyze everything and not rush.

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    find out wat it updated your wii to (probably 4.3) then use the 4.3 guide or anywii guide in my sig
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