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Thread: Deadly creatures problem???

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    Deadly creatures problem???

    Hello Wii hacks, I was wondering if any one else was having a problem with the game deadly creatures?? It runs for the first few times but after that it just stops loadig from USB and sends you straight to Wii menu. Well I tweaked it a little to fix it but I jus. Wanted to discuss this to see if any one esle had the same problem??

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    Re: Deadly creatures problem

    the only thing i could think of is a bad dump of the game put the origional in and rip again you can try that.

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    Well I set the ios 250 and it works like a charm but I let my friend borrow my external hard drive to see what his does and he said he didn't have to touch the settings and it works fine on his 4.3 soft modded wii but I'm letting him beat the game to see if he comes up to a problem


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