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Thread: Mario Galaxy wont run but Galaxy 2 will on usb loader?

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    Mario Galaxy wont run but Galaxy 2 will on usb loader?

    Im using usb loader gx and installed galaxy, and galaxy 2. galaxy just goes to black screen while galaxy 2 runs fine. i should also note other games including brawl also work. i've seen people saying i need ios33 for galaxy which last i checked i have but im not too sure whats wrong. i used Krank's post as a reference to help me but it hasnt worked. im kinda new to wii modding btw. any help would be great

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    You need IOS33 for running it from the disc channel, not a backup loader. Try a better loader like Configurable USB Loader or WiiFlow.
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    Like Joostin said, try WiiFlow or Configurable USB Loader, and set the video mode to ''Game Default'', and the language to ''English''.

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    thanks guys, got it working

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    Glad you got the working. I'll close the thread then.


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