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Thread: Blurry/pixelated games when loading from USB HDD after softmodding

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    Blurry/pixelated games when loading from USB HDD

    Hi guys,
    re-upping the post since some info has changed, hopefully now I'll get some help.
    I would like to apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong area, I'm a definitely a noob though.
    First I'll detail the problem, then my specs

    1). Problem
    Every game tested loads properly with almost no problems, however character models, buildings and everything look extremely pixelated. Also, some games look completely washed out.
    At first I thought it's probably just me, maybe I got used to HD, however I have been comparing with in-game pics/videos online and even the worse videos look better than what my games look. Games just look as if they're from a PS2/NGC era.
    Using search came up with only 1 topic on the subject
    "Question about Configurable USB loader, and the quality of the games played on a HDtv"

    And there it just says it should run fine and suggest it's a bad iso.
    I have tried with several different iso's so it's definitely not the problem

    2) Specs and Background
    Bought the Wii last month, came with 3.4E.
    Connected with component cables to an HD ready Philips 32' (model 3512),
    running on 480p .
    Used mauifrog's "softmod ANY Wii" guide. Now on 4.1E.
    Installed cfg loader and updated to ver 62, then ver 63alpha (249) and Wiiflow 2.2
    Updated to ciosxRev20.
    Games themselves are all d/l , copied with WiiBackup Manager to an Iomega ego 320 GB HDD (FAT32).
    UPDATE: I have received retail copies of Mario Galaxy 1 and Metroid Prime3- unfortunately, the problem persists even on the retail games (though they look just very slightly better).
    Problem tested on Super Mario Galaxy (1+2), Metroid Prime 3, Metroid Other M, DKC:Returns and Okami (the latter looks especially horrible).

    I would appreciate any help on the subject-
    - Am I missing some important Ios/cIos?
    - Should Ios affect the graphics/pixelation?
    - Is it possible this is related to games being "Scrubbed"?

    I know Wii isn't an HD console but I would still like to achieve the best quality.
    thanks in advance, I'm really at my wit's end here
    I will appreciate any comment, help or suggestion,
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    Thread title says after softmod, how were you playing from hdd before softmodding?
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    Let's say you're not getting help until you test a retail version. Fair enough?

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    The problem is it might be a while since I don't live in an area with easy access to these games, it'll probably be a month or so until they arrive and I just wanted to make sure there's nothing wrong with either my Wii or my modding...

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    The modding isn't the problem. The signal isn't the problem either. It could possibly be your Component Cable.

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    well, I though so as well, however the same thing happens with the official cables I got with the Wii, and how much change is there that both my cables are faulty? (both component and composite).
    I mean, if there is no choice I''ll try and change them/buy another...
    thanks though!


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