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Thread: im modding a 3.3u and im stuck

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    im modding a 3.3u and im stuck

    any one that will help me get past the point i am at will be a big help


    Warning - If you don't install the patched IOS60 first you will brick!

    a) Open Homebrew Channel and run WAD Manager, make sure the IOS it is using is IOS249.

    b) Browse to your WAD folder and install IOS60Patched.wad, check that it installs with no errors and exit Wad manager, if it does error then you have permission to PM me for help

    c) Run Wad manager again, check the IOS it's using is 249 then browse to your Wad folder and install SystemMenu 4.1-****.wad, checking that the **** part of the filename is the correct region for your Wii and that it installs with no errors, if you do get errors do not restart your Wii and try again until it works.

    d) Exit Wad manager and restart your Wii, check the system menu version is 4.1 by going into 'Wii options' and looking in top right hand corner of screen.)))

    it wont let me do non of this it starts up wad_manager and then i pick 249 and it freezes
    it says mounting device but nothing goes on aftewards please help

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    You should try posting this in the guide that u r following. If u r following dogeggs guide i would try doing part 3 again.


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