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Thread: Wiiflow Resetting Randomly

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    Wiiflow Resetting Randomly (& now CFG Loader too)

    Hi all,

    I am currently experiencing random resets with Wiiflow and CFG Loader.

    I load either from the Wii menu. Once I click start it will load the Title screen then will reboot the Wii. This only occurs 1 out of every 5 loads, but once it does it once it will do it a number of times in a row.'

    I am a n00b at this whole thing but would like to think I have a basic understanding of how it all works.

    I modded my Wii with ModMii so I hope I have all necessary files installed. Below is a syscheck report incase it helps.

    Please help....its really annoying.

    Edit: I have used the search function, but "Wiiflow Reset" only brings a handful of results, none that pertain to my problem.


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