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Thread: Neogamma/GC backup launcher resets wii on gamecube disc launch.

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    Neogamma/GC backup launcher resets wii on gamecube disc launch.

    Im kind of confused as to why my wii keeps restarting after Neogamma or GCBL tries to load media from a dvd-r (using maxell dvd-r's at 3x write speed). I'm able to get into neogamma, it reads the disk initializes start then my screen turns green and resets the system to the health screen. The same thing applies to GCBL, I choose a region it starts reading the disc and the system resets. I have the newest versions of neogamma, GBCL & mios patcher v8. It's confusing me because sometimes a backup will launch from neogamma and other times it wont (I'm talking about trying the SAME disc using each launcher a few times. At times it will go but mostly it will just reset the system). This exact problem also applies for GBCL (after i choose a region). I'm wondering if maybe there was something that didnt get installed correctly? Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated. And by the way this issue is ONLY with gamecube backups. My wii backups run perfectly. Any other information you might need please ask and i will provide.
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    i have the exact same same problem

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    i got this too but noone helps at all i got like 5 other forums with this problem too


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