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Thread: Transfered the Wiiflow from SD to HDD and the Games doesnt Work Anymore

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    Transfered the Wiiflow from SD to HDD and the Games doesnt Work Anymore

    I used the guide for 4.3 softmodding here in wiihacks and it worked.. i have ios249 installed, configurable usb loader is installed but i also install wiiflow on SD with a forwarder. so i have my wii 4.3u softmodded and i can play games on my 500gb external HDD iomega prestige.. i put the wiiflow on SD.. then after a while i found a guide on how to put the wiiflow on the harddisk. so i followed it and reformatted my external HDD to NTFS first. Partitioned it in two. i format the 4gb into FAT and the rest for WBFS format using WBFS manager.. Then its good to go. I plug my harddisk again to the Wii then opened wiiflow but the games doesnt work anymore. the sounds keeps playing and wiiflow loads endlessly i let them load for almost half hour and nothing worked. i also did the .ini edting on wiiflow the nothing worked. i cant play games on HDD anymore. i tried uloader,usb gx and still doesnt work..

    I tried changing the wiiflow over and over again and putting back to SD from HDD but fails..

    any loader doesnt work..

    <my Wii>
    Wii 4.3u
    Used 4.3 SoftModding by Wiihacks > Successful
    Configurable Loader/Wiiflow 2.2
    Homebrew Channel
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    please do not hijack threads, thank you.

    you screwed things up.. follow the guide you found to the letter, partitions need to be primary and active etc. pay attention to those parts.
    i like FAT32 loading, link below.

    edit: i hope it was a wiihacks guide you were talking about. if not. use one of these

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