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Thread: can I install homebrew on a 4.3U without SSBB or Indiana Jones?

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    can I install homebrew on a 4.3U without SSBB or Indiana Jones?

    Here's my reason for asking the question above. a while ago our wii stopped working, so we ended up getting a new wii that works just fine. the problem with the old wii was that it would not read discs anymore, everything else works fine on it, it powers on and i can access the internet and stuff, just not play discs. after researching i decided to try and hack it so that i could put games on an external hard drive and play it off of that. i noticed that versions that are pre 4.3 have a hack that does not need any discs like this link here shows [link removed] I guess I am just trying to ask if there is a way that I can do this with a 4.3U version because the wii does not read discs. (i even tried cleaning the laser, and think that I discovered that the motor that is supposed to spin the discs and move the laser is broken). if not, can anyone direct me how to order a new motor, i have already opened the case and gotten right to the area that needs fixing, just dont know where to find it, i even tried a google search and didnt find anything. ok, thanks for reading this any help is appreciated. thanks
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    that is impossible right now, you have to use one of those games to mod your wii.
    i would look for a whole replacement drive on ebay or craigslist or something similar
    good luck

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    Thanks, found a new drive on ebay for under 10 bucks. Hope that fixes the problem

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